BMS terminal

28/02/2015: Files from RED to GOLD finally deployed. You might notice some of them have weird BPM, this is normal: they're the songs' real BPM.

07/02/2015: Late to the party, I've finally implemented the download limiter, and the download all feature is back. You can download 1 file each second, and 1 set of files each minute. I've also improved the overall stability of the website hopefully. No BMS packs sadly, but now that I got the limiter out of the way I can resume my work on Elpis.

29/12/2014: Completed the reupload of the fixed charts.

28/12/2014: As you can see I've added both EMPRESS and DJ TROOPERS folders! They have no black anothers unfortunately because I couldn't find a good source for them. I will also gradually update the already loaded charts, as some of them appear to have bugs due to time signature issues. Oh, and Happy new 2015!

27/12/2014: I've slightly updated the layout, but most importantly the mass download link is now operational! Format is .tar, which may be uncommon for some of you, but any modern archive reader should be able to process it.

26/11/2014: Resort Anthem and SIRIUS files are up. The RA BMS set includes the elusive chinese exclusive songs, don't miss them!

15/11/2014: The portal is alive and kicking! I still need to beautify it a little, but it should work. Well, test it for yourself and get some Lincle/SPADA/tricoro BMS files. I will upload the other files later on.